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CEO Travel Escapes

The World Is Your Playground.
Where will you play next?

When I was diagnosed with Lupus, Fibromyalgia, and IBS, there was one thing that I did not want to lose. That was my ability to TRAVEL. I loved seeing the world and I couldn’t just stop. So I learned to do it WITH ACCOMMODATIONS! Yes that meant extra Lysol wipes, wheelchair accessibility, extra naps, and breaks more frequently. As I have learned to travel with accommodations I felt it was only right to share my tips, tricks, and hacks with my fellow chronic illness warriors. Hence the birth of CEO Travel Escapes.


We are a travel agency who specializes in helping ALL people take the vacation of their dreams, even if that means with modifications. And when you book with CEO Travel Escapes you not only get your travel needs met, but you also give a portion back to Chronic Endurance. It is literally the best of both worlds. 


We encourage you to follow our travel journey, and contact us for all of your travel needs. 


We look forward to helping you make the world your playground!

Call: 972-415-8529

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