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5 Alternatives To Saying Get Well Soon

Saying GET WELL SOON to someone you know is ill, is almost a knee jerk reaction. But in certain cases, it could do more harm than help. Think about the current circumstance of the person you are saying this to. If they happen to be chronically or terminally ill, chances are they won’t ever get well. And while you may have great intentions, it could be a constant reminder of their medical condition.

So what can you say to support the chronically or terminally ill warrior in your life?

I would try the alternatives below:

1. I hope your pain eases soon!

This first alternative acknowledges the persons pain they are experiencing while still offering comfort. Acknowledging your loved ones pain is a great way to show them that you have compassion for what they are experiencing.

2. Is there anything I can do to help ease your pain?

This question places the ball in their court. You give them an opportunity to let you know what it is you can do to help comfort them or ease their pain.

3. Rest up and take good care of yourself!

This is a great way to alleviate the pressure that chronic illness warriors feel of having to be everywhere and do everything. Chances are they already feel a insurmountable pressure to push through their pain for simple daily activities. Remind them that rest is important for feeling their best. This alternative can be paired with something relaxing like bath salts or a candle if your are wanting to take an extra step.

4. I am thinking of you!

A simple thought can go a long way. If you cannot offer support in other ways mentioned, your thought of them can mean the world.

5. I am here if you need help with...

With this alternative, the possibilities are endless. Offering to cook a meal, helping the kids with homework, or cleaning the house are just a few ways you can go the extra mile to offer support.

It is very important to understand that not everyone "gets well"! However these alternatives provide a more sensitive approach in addressing those who fit into that category. Simple adjustments could make all the difference and let the warrior in your life know just how much you see and care for them.


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