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Countdown to Christmas: Chronic Illness Holiday Gift Guide

Do you have a chronic illness warrior in your life and you are struggling to figure out what to get them for Christmas? In todays blog, we will discuss 10 items that are sure to let the chronic illness warrior in your life know that you see them and you understand their needs. As you know, living life with a chronic illness is far from easy, but there are a few items that can make this journey much more bearable.

1. Personalized Medicine Box

These personalized medicine boxes from CEO Crafty Creations are sure to put a smile on your warriors face. The affirmations on the front on the box give great encouragement each time they take their medication. Keeping up with several medications can be hard, but with this simple pill organizer, pill management becomes a lot easier. Whether is is for traveling, or easy access while running errands, this gift is important for ANYBODY who takes several medications throughout the day.

2. Awareness Apparel from MaeArt Creative

Seriously! The Warrior Collection shirts from MaeArt Creative are by far some of the most cute and comfortable awareness tees I have ever worn. The customer service is incredible and the designs are very appealing. This gift is a great way to help your warrior rock their awareness with pride.

3. Heated Blanket

This is a must have for every chronic illness warrior especially during winter months. Many times chronic illness warriors suffer with pain in various places and a heating pad just doesn’t suffice. Having a heated blanket helps to cover most ailing areas and gives warmth to stiff cold joints during the winter season.

4. Candles and Bath Products

My favorite bath products to purchase come from Hour X Hour. Their bath soak is the most amazing soak I have ever had. This stuff is 10x better than Dr. Teals... no joke. Not only does it help with soreness, it also smells great (yesssss aromatherapy) and moisturizes my skin as I soak. And did I mention the candles? They are GLORIOUS. An added bonus that I LOVE about this company, is that these items were created specifically with chronic illness warriors in mind, by a chronic illness warrior. How awesome is that?

5. Hair Crack

Now this is a product I will forever swear by. For the warrior in your life experiencing hair loss, this is for them. After my hair began thinning because of Lupus, I was devastated. Then I ran across this product and I have not looked back. I use it every time I wash my hair and within just 2 uses, my hair was already recovering.

6. Bath Pillow

While taking baths it can be very difficult to get comfortable. Having a bath pillow to rest your head on while soaking will give an added level of comfort. This will pair great with the Hour X Hour products mentioned above.

7. Gift Card to Pharmacy

There is literally no chance for error with this one. You absolutely cannot go wrong. Find out what pharmacy they receive their medication from and provide them with a gift card to that pharmacy so that they can utilize it to purchase their next refill.

8. Anything Comfy

This could be a wide variety of different things. Socks, slippers, plush robe, pajamas, jogging pants, anything to lounge around the house or hospital, and be comfortable in. Comfort is one of the most essential things when battling a chronic illness. If your clothes aren't comfy, everything else is sure to be off balance.

9. Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets can serve several purposes but for most chronic illness warriors, it aids in better sleep and reducing anxiety, naturally. Having a weighted blanket literally feels like someone is hugging you. What better way to have the warrior in your life know they are loved by you, by wrapping up in an hug from you each time they grab their blanket.

10. Foot Spa

Here we are, 8 months into covid-19 and there is no professional pedicure in sight for me. Not because they aren't open, but because I just can't risk being in that environment due to having a suppressed immune system. Adjusting to doing everything at home also includes any and all things I used to do for self care. But that does not have to be a lost cause when you have your own foot spa. Having a good foot soaking after a long day is sure to brighten anyones day.

11. Grocery Delivery Service Subscription

Having a grocery delivery service for your loved one is a great tool, especially if they live by themselves. There will be days that they need food, but just cannot physically leave the house to get it. I know I have been there. And on those days, I have no shame in having anything I need delivered to me. By giving a delivery service subscription, you are giving the warrior in your life another avenue to utilize on flare days.

We hope this Christmas gift guide was beneficial to you and helps give a a sense of what the chronic illness warrior in your life needs this holiday season. We hope each of you have a wonderful holiday season! Warriors, if you find something on this list that is appealing to you, share with your family and friends so that they have a better sense of what you need this holiday season.

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